Instructional Designer

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Instructional Designer

Learning Department


Job Title: Instructional Designer

Department: Learning

Reporting to: Head of Instructional Design

Location: Cape Town

Summary of Key Responsibilities

This is a centralised role based in Cape Town reporting to the Head of Instructional Design. They work closely with a VP of Learning or a Senior Learning Consultants from the Learning department. The Instructional Designer is responsible for curriculum development, producing course learning assets, uploading to learning platforms and general course maintenance. They work closely with a Team Lead and a Producer in a project team to see the course through to successful completion.

This role is accountable for ensuring learning outcomes are met, ensuring an enhanced learner experience and the striving for continuous improvement. They are also accountable for ensuring that the quality of their contributions are maintained throughout the project.

Key Responsibilities

  • Working with a VP of Learning or Senior Learning Consultant to support them in:
  • Developing a course outline in collaboration with the client and/or subject matter expert (SME)
  • Identifying learning outcomes and learning nodes and applying instructional design principles to meet the learning needs of the audience
  • Conducting follow up meetings with client and/or SME to scope and qualify course requirements in the course plan, and gather related content
  • Consolidate course content as per learning outcomes in the course extraction document and collaborate on course proposals
  • Support Team Lead in briefing Scriptwriters and collaborate with Scriptwriters to finetune scripts plus review and give feedback on scripts according to the Lobster Learning Science methodology
  • Work with VPs of Learning / Senior Learning Consultants to gain stakeholder approval at key milestones in the learning workflow process
  • Collaborate with Team Lead and Producer on a project team to brainstorm and visualize the course for video and interactive activities
  • Design and develop course learning assets (assessments; activity lessons; simulations; embedded and document lessons; demonstrations; interactive pdfs; facilitator guide; manuals; workbooks; answer books; job aids; etc) to promote learner engagement and/or assess learner knowledge
  • Upload to learning platforms (V2 and AXON) and publish to Preview Marketplace (AXON)
  • Perform project consolidation and sign off, plus participate in team review process to ensure successful launch of course
  • Perform quality assurance using checklists at key checkpoints during the learning workflow process
  • Participate in course evaluations and internal initiatives to ensure continuous improvement in the department
  • Assist Learning Administrator with CRM issues pertaining to courses
  • Assist in Champion roles and with onboarding and training new starters in the Instructional Design Department


  • Degree in Instructional Design, Education, English, Linguistics OR Degree in Industrial psychology or similar
  • ETDP / ETDQA / SAQA qualification
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in instructional design
  • Thorough knowledge of learning theories and instructional design
  • Prior experience in lesson and curriculum planning skills
  • Prior experience in online learning course design and development
  • Hospitality training; online learning and/or journalism/scriptwriting experience

Skills, Knowledge and Attributes

  • Possess interdisciplinary knowledge, cross-cultural competency, as well as commitment and passion for learning and technology
  • Have a background in education and/or training with an understanding of how to create clear learning objectives
  • Understand the design and development of online curriculums that are outcomes based
  • Have a critical attitude and boast good analytical skills plus the ability to synthesize information from various sources
  • Effectively communicate both visually and verbally, be a good listener and create measurable learning outcomes based on the audience’s needs
  • Create content with information that can be used and applied in the real world
  • Ability to focus on the expected learning outcomes, based on the audience’s prior skills, experience, expectations and needs to design and develop the most suitable course learning assets based on the available technology, budget and time
  • Be a successful, flexible and resourceful problem solver, able to tackle any kind of setback and obstacle