Head of Production

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Head of Production

Production Department


Job Title: Head of Production

Department: Production

Reporting to: Managing Director

Direct Reports: Creative Director, Programme Director and Traffic Director

Responsibilities: Strategy, management and delivery of content development

Location: Cape Town 


The Head of Production is responsible for the strategy, implementation and effective management of all content development by the Lobster Ink Production and Education department. Content development includes course development (video production, script writing, online back-end management of the Lobster Ink website, motion graphics and design) and translation.

This role is responsible for the entire Lobster Ink Production output and employees, leading the Creative Director, Programme Director and Traffic Director into a fast growing successful business.

The Head of Production is ultimately responsible for the consistent delivery of quality productions for Lobster Ink and the effective management of the Production team, as well as the management of all the technical tools the production team uses to operate efficiently and profitably.

One of the key players of the Company’s Management team. Passionate about the work, education, the company, same as people that work for it. Strong desire to support and implement change to keep Lobster distinct and ahead of competitors via leading production communications.

In setting standards recognises the need for excellence throughout all levels of Lobster Ink. A rounded professional that can command respect with clients, suppliers but most importantly employees.

Leads the people as well as the business.

Activities and Responsibilities

Content Creation

● To ensure that a consistent quality level is delivered by the Creative Director and his/her team

● To train, develop and maintain procedures and workflows for effective and efficient scriptwriting, videography, motion graphics, design and editing – in senior staff members

● To constantly ensure the Creative Director is researching and developing innovations within content development within Production to ensure that Lobster Inks courses stay relevant, engaging, entertaining and best-in-class

● To implement a system where Quality assurance happens within the content development through driving accountability amongst senior management in the teams

● A partner to Production Directors (Creative Director, Programme Director and Traffic Director) in the development of solutions that win in the market place and help maintain and gain new clients

● Builds strong rationale and proposal arguments when presenting to

● Can identify the core of client brief and can provide direction to development across senior production team members

Resource Management

● To ensure that the Programme Directors projects are delivered within budget and on deadline

● To maintain a 75% efficiency rating

● To work with the Programme Director and Traffic Director to give an accurate indication of the capacity rating on a weekly basis i.e. how many outputs can be produced per month

● To present the weekly and monthly reports to ExCo and Board on the department’s resource efficiencies that will be driven by the Production Directors


● To oversee the implementation and management of the benchmarking guidelines that equate to the effective performance of the Production Directors in order to revise benchmarking and costing

● To ensure that the benchmarking system is as lean and effective as possible


● To ensure that the Traffic Director and Translations Manager are maintaining and negotiating with our translation providers in the most cost effective yet efficient process.

● Working with the Traffic Director to ensure the Translation department runs within budgets and deadlines

Relationship and Staff Management

● Overall custodian of long term profitable and performance driven client relationships

● A trusted advisor and confidant to senior management and presents the company production team at decision making levels

● To reinforce and lead a culture of self-empowerment, self-development and accountability with the team

● To conduct and drive the performance reviews, probation reviews and succession and development planning with Production Directors alongside the People Development team

● To develop and maintain key performance indicators for an outcomes-based earning programme in the department

● To develop and maintain a research and development strategy for the team

● To facilitate internal training and improvement within the Production Directors

● Able to judge when Management intervention and action is needed

Project and Department Budgets

● To oversee yet empower the Production Directors on budgets for course productions translations and design projects within Lobster Ink

● Responsible for yearly staff, capex, production profitability and revenue budget for production and education

● Budget holder for the production and education department

Lobster International

● To manage and maintain clear communication channels and report to Board on a regular basis to ensure consistent and effective communications

● To maintain and improve the production accounts process between Lobster Int and Local

● Sets, maintains and develops operational and professional standards in the company working in partnership with the heads, Finance, Learning and Creative Directors

● Works closely with Managing, Finance Directors and Learning on building financial and strategic plans

● Works closely with Managing and Finance Directors on ensuring successful development and implementation of annual plans

Project Management

● Able to judge when Production Directors require additional support to drive a project that will build business and company reputation responsible for the quality and compliance of implementation on all projects according to client contracts requirements

● Works closely with Production Directors to set and deliver production targets

● Ensures smooth running of all project administration via Production Directors

● Gets reports from Production Directors on tracking overall company workload to ensure optimum delivery to clients

● Quick and accurate in identification of barriers to progress and to build solutions

Basic Requirements

● Minimum of 8 years experience in Content Production with a proven track record in quality assurance and course development

● Managing experience of a team of at least 20 employees is essential

● Solid background in production, strategy and management

● E-learning experience would be highly advantageous

● Strong leadership presence and leadership skills with be a differentiator

Interpersonal Skills

● High level of professional communication and presentations skills

● Strong communicator. Is able to provide high levels of motivation and listening skills

● Able to relate to all levels of both the business and staff organisations

● Ensures effective and regular communication between all departments same as between employees and top management

Personal Skills

● Directly supports Lobster Ink Management to build company reputation in the market place

● Partner to Company Management on developing and implementing company vision and culture

● Able to lead in creating environments where strong, relevant, efficient and profitable business can arise

● Able to take balanced and mature decisions taking into company and client interests

● Trusted by the company as a reliable reference point for direction

● Deals with internal issues with the production department, the company and brings closure if there is a conflict

● Meets regularly with all production members to ensure that they are developing their organisational skills