Digital Asset Manager

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Digital Asset Manager

Production Departament


Summary of Responsibilities

This role is responsible for the distribution, management, maintenance, storage and protection of the Company’s digital media assets, under guidance of the Senior Digital Asset Manager. This role is core to the effective content distribution through the technical support and management of media handoffs between departments and clients.

Key Responsibilities

  • Prepare footage and material for editors post shoot.
  • Implement and maintain watertight solutions for all creative assets’ backup and disaster recovery.
  • Manage the distribution of all required media across various storage and sharing platforms for convenient and efficient access.
  • Maintain a centralized file server (Strawberry) for efficient file sharing within the organisation, with a focus on creative assets for the media management and editing teams.
  • Create and maintain the Lobster Stock Library and the management system for tagging, logging for future search ability and access.
  • Organise and maintain portable hard drives. Label them, note where they are stored, fault and error check, and backup media as required.
  • Create and maintain a way to share and store completed work, to allow easy access to all delivered work within the company (local and abroad).
  • Be prepared to do any individual task of the media management team if there is a need.
  • Create and maintain how-to documents for procedures for effective media management.
  • Design, implement and manage post-production workflows along with Post-Production Operations Manager.
  • Manage external post-production suppliers on deadlines and quality standards.
  • Prepare assets for freelance post-production staff and facilitate technical handback of finished product.
  • Respond quickly to client requests for completed media, footage, graded files, audio files, or any other creative assets.
  • Transcode and back up incoming video, and audio data from the Shooting team. Quality checking that the correct renaming procedure has been followed and that a proxy workflow has been set up correctly.
  • Manage the filing/logging of all transcoded video footage correctly for handover to the video editors.
  • Prepare projects for editors and create the project folder structure for ease of use.
  • Log, digitise and store all material for a given editing task in a manner that ensures unique tracking and fast recall of each clip, sequence or archive item.
  • Assist with digital filing and provide this support to the post-production team.
  • Manage signed off edits, prepare and send and receive video and audio to Translations team.

  • Matric and relevant tertiary qualification such as a Degree in Film and Video, or similar (Honours or Masters is an advantage).
  • 2 years Post- Production experience, specialising in Digital Asset Management.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • In-depth knowledge of Media Asset Management tools
  • Keen understanding of various types of cameras.
  • Experience in Data Recovery.
  • MS Windows knowledge.
  • Apple in-depth knowledge.
  • Linux basic knowledge preferred.
Skills, Knowledge and Attributes
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills (e.g. password resets; cabling; access; workstation configuration).
  • Knowledge of how to rebuild workstations.
  • Software installation.
  • Ability to know where to find information if unable to resolve (i.e. technical sites; vendors; etc).
  • Extensive knowledge of the Macintosh operating system is essential.
  • Excellent time management and quality management skills are essential.
  • Experience in web content delivery is advantageous.
  • Working knowledge and experience of filming and editing workflows e.g. on-set management, dumping, media management, archiving, backups as well as importing and exporting.
  • Detailed knowledge of editing with the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Experience in Adobe After Effects and Illustrator Creative Cloud Suite is an advantage.
  • Understanding of bitrate, aspect ratio and resolution in exporting videos from Premiere Pro CC & Media Encoder as well as various other encoding software.
  • Extensive knowledge of Media Asset Management systems.
  • Ability to work well independently as well as in a team
  • Eager to learn and share knowledge
  • Collaborative and builds mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships
  • Confident, tactful and persuasive manner
  • Proactive individual with proven strength in attention to detail and the ability to successfully manage several tasks simultaneously
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize
  • Displays a positive and enthusiastic approach to all their work